MBM Paris creates unique, sophisticated and comfortable menswear. All of our clothing is designed and manufactured in the city of Paris by people who take pride in their creations.

We have perfected the male fit thanks to several patent-pending designs, a devotion to choosing the perfect fabrics and the expert craftsmanship of our creative director, David Daby. Daby is an artist. He personally designs and oversees the production of every single item we produce.

 We don’t play by rules or bow to trends. We design for men who aren’t afraid to wear color, and who believe looking good should be easy. Our customer appreciates the quality construction, refined details and custom patterns that make our clothing special.

Since our inception, we’ve remained true to our mission: to create exceptionally-designed clothing for the confident man using high-quality, ethically-sourced fabrics. MBM Paris is proud to be an environmentally-conscious brand. We respect the city in which we create.

To wear us is to know that your clothing was made with your best fit and comfort in mind, in a city that embodies effortless sophistication.


If you’d like to find out more about MBM Paris, please contact hello@mbmparis.com.